Act like a local

Haters gonna Hate

Mexico City’s residents are called Chilangos. It started as an insult, referring to the people that moved from a different state to the city, but nowadays youngsters adopted the nickname and most of us proudly recognized ourselves as Chilangos.

Be Polite

Whenever you enter a place, say “Buenos días” (good day), “Buenas tardes” (good afternoon) or “Buenas Noches” (good night) as a greeting. When in doubt, just say “Buenas.”

Se habla Español

Sorry, most of us can’t speak English. But we’re friendly people and we’ve mastered the art of talking with our hands, so we’ll do our best to help you.

Public Displays of Affection

Tips are not mandatory, but they are expected and appreciated when you have a good service. 10-15 percent is the average in restaurants, bars, and services. Look carefully, some businesses include the tip in the check.

Be Safe

Use a little common sense and you’ll be fine: while using the metro never carry your phone nor your wallet in your pockets, while sitting keep your bag or backpack close to you, don’t wear flashy accessories on the streets and don’t accept anything from strangers.

Love is Love

If you notice that people in the metro’s last wagon act a little more affectionate, it’s not your imagination. The last wagon, especially in the pink line, is the “gay and flirty wagon”. Do whatever you want with that information.

Eat Chile

(pronounced chill-eh, no chill-e) and add it to everything: fruits, salads, tacos, candies, chocolate, beer, etc. Get used to it and try as many combinations as you can!

Go To The Farmers Markets

They’re colorful, inexpensive, and full of nice locals. Friendly reminder: Never bargain to the local producers and artisans.

Don't act like a local...

…  and respect the traffic light while walking and driving in the city.

Want to piss off a chilango?

Ask them why quesadillas are called quesadillas if sometimes they don’t have any cheese (queso)? This is a very sensitive issue that concerns the entire nation.