About us

¡Hola, Mexplorers!

Mexplory was born as an idea in 2016 when Karina Mata took a trip through Eastern Europe and experienced a new form of local, collaborative, and alternative tourism, which she hadn’t seen in Mexico. The next year she started to design the prototype of what would become the first alternative map of Mexico City.

Sometime later, working in a tourist company, she met Paola Loera, who wanted to create a gastronomic guide that would spread independent, and little-known projects, as well as the traceability of ingredients and local producers.

Let’s do it!

In 2018, with the help of Viridiana Díaz, graphic designer, they began working on the first edition of the Mexplory map. To fundraise this project, in 2019 they launched a campaign on Kickstarter, and thanks to the support of their backers, they managed to print 10,000 copies – yay!

This first map is considered a special edition and was illustrated by the Mexican artist Andonella. You can download a free copy by subscribing to our newsletter or buy the printed edition in our online shop and in some museums.

Currently, the Mexplory team designs guides and thematic maps where you will find all kinds of recommendations: from secret bars to urban art galleries, and iconic taco shops. Our mission is to inspire you to explore and connect with small businesses, Mexican brands, as well as local artists in Mexico City

Go mexplore!

¨A map that allows you to experience the city as if you were by the hand of an authentic chilango.¨

– Souvenir

¨Una ayudadita para conocer la enorme Ciudad de México.¨

– Canal Once

¨El primer mapa ilustrado de CDMX que busca ser el amigo al que acudes por tips de dónde vivir lo más auténtico. La ciudad en una guía ilustrada.¨

– Más por más

¨Recomendaciones para vivir y redescubrir otra Ciudad de México¨

– Cool Hunter

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We ship worldwide in our Online Shop, but if you happen to be in Mexico City, you can buy directly at museums and stores 😉